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Wood plank with mold spots

Damage During a Storm

When water intrudes into your property, mold growth can start in as little as 48 hours. SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach is always on alert, especially during storm season. If you experience damage during a storm, don't hesitate to reach out. Or your home could become moldy, such as this one. 

Wall covered in tiny black mold spots.

Black Mold Spots

Every mold damage scenario is different and requires a unique solution, but the general mold remediation process stays the same in Fort Myers Beach, FL

1. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment

2. Mold Containment

3. Air Filtration

4. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials

5. Cleaning Contents and Belongings

Group photo of people wearing bright green shirts.

Chubb PGA Event

SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach completed a Certified: SERVPRO Clean project at the Chubb PGA event. We’re dedicated to inspiring confidence in our community as we find our way to a new normal. (239) 312-7605

Man with a hard hat on removing flooring.

Fort Myers Beach Green Team

Demolition, Restoration, Renovation, we do it all. SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach make it "Like it never even happened." Contact our team when your property is plagued with damage. We are equipped to handle any type fire, water, or mold

Detached trim on a grey tile floor next to black shoes.

Soaked Trim

Our customer's kitchen suffered from a fire due to some overzealous cooking efforts. After the fire was out, some damage caused by water was then visible. SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach was notified & on the case! 

Moisture meter being held above grey flooring.

Detecting Moisture From Firefighting Efforts

We stumbled upon this commercial property after a call regarding a small fire. The flames were quickly put out by a local fire department in Sanibel, FL. However, in doing so, there was a medium amount of water left behind. Thus, calling in the water damage restoration experts! 

Doorway covered in black soot with degraded materials.

Clean Your Range Hood

In 2020, 69 home fire fatalities were recorded by the news. The most common source of home fire is from cooking. Some are careless while cooking and others forget proper maintenance. Range hood cleaning is extremely important because the build up that forms can cause a fire to occur. 

Two men with hard hats on a shelf.

Cleaning Services Near Me

Did you know that SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach offers Specialty Cleaning Services? Our team does it all from cleaning, to restoration, to reconstruction! -Air Ducts-Biohazard and Sewage-Trauma -Ceilings, Walls, & Floors-Upholstery-Odor Removal-Graffiti 

Green moisture meter

Restoration, Cleaning, & Rebuilding

SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach is not only the master of disaster, we are also the master of clean. Whether your property needs cleaning services or restoration work after a water leak, we have you covered.

Green SERVPRO equipment moving air.

Negative Air Containment

Filtering out contaminated air to improve air quality is a very important step that most may not consider that needs to be done. After water, mold, and fire damage this process should always be completed. 

Room with flood cuts and a green air scrubber.

Storm After Affects

In Texas, after the huge winter blast, Team Zubricki headed up in that direction to help with our disaster restoration crew. Here we have a dentist office that needed our help after some frozen pipes burst. 

Green SERVPRO equipment on the ground.

HEPA Filters on Water Jobs

We use HEPA filters to help filter the air within the area of our work and damage. After a water loss, it's very important to include HEPA filtration and air duct cleanings. Contact SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach for a free water damage quote! 

Plastic sheet over a doorway with a SERVPRO logo.

Texas Storm Work

SERVPRO Containment was implemented and provided in this Texas commercial property after a large water loss due to a pipe burst. Our team traveled to Texas to help reach everyone in need from the extreme winter storm

Bathroom covered in black soot and fallen debris.

Fire Damage Cleanup

From personal items to business essentials, content cleaning is possible when you depend on the fire restoration services of a local mitigation company. Here are three tips for what to expect during the cleaning process.

1. Dry Cleaning 

2. Ultrasonic Cleaning

3. Foam Cleaning

SERVPRO vans parked outside

Latest Protocols

As things change, so will our cleaning methods. We are working diligently and using the latest protocols and procedures to help keep our community safe.

Call SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach for a free quote on professional disinfection today! (239) 312-7605

Three green air movers in a hallway.

Extracting Standing Water

Extracting any standing water is imperative to the water cleanup process as it will help to avoid any long-term damages. Our team at SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach is on call 24/7 to better help you!

Cream colored ceiling with spots.

Don't Touch

Mold can be tough to diagnose. Be sure not to touch anything you think might be mold growth and leave it to the professionals to handle! We want to keep you save inside your home. 

Parked green SERVPRO vans.

Fungus Removal

If you are in need of a fungus cleanup for your business in Sanibel, FL it is important to take the proper steps to remove mold. Certified experts will use advanced techniques that kill persistent fungus.

SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach is "faster to any size disaster."

Green air mover taped up in containment.

Standing Water

Water damage can present itself in many different ways. Don't let standing water take over any part of your home. Call the pros at SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach! (239) 334-8700

We Make It "Like it never even happened." 

Three air movers on a tile floor.

Like our own

Water Leak

At SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach our team always makes sure your property is protected while we finish our restoration work. You can rest assured we treat your home like we'd want someone to treat ours.

Two men peeling up vinyl flooring.

Sewage Cleanup

SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach specializes in all types of residential and commercial clean ups. Our crew is skilled in blood borne pathogen, crime scene, and sewage cleanup throughout the large state of Florida.

Men crouching down looking at a piece of equipment.

Removing Irritants

Think of your heating and cooling system as the lungs of your home. Cleaning out your air ducts can remove irritants that may be affecting your family. Let SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach breathe clean air into your space this November!

Tile floor with a large green piece of SERVPRO equipment.

Estero Island

As water damage specialists, we are prepared and ready to serve you at a moments notice. Whether in the heart of Estero Island or the surrounding areas, water or flood damage call us today: (239) 312-7605

Celling titles with brown spots.

Water Damage

Peeling paint, wallpaper, and patches of discoloration are all signs of leaks in walls and ceilings. If you see these signs, contact our team at SERVPRO of Sanibel/Fort Myers Beach right away! (239) 312-7605